Nick ParkinMatthew Clayfield

Come one! Come all! Cynics alike. Get an all-access pass to see full-frontal journalism over at Follow the crazy antics of Nick and Matt as they hop from one marginal seat to the next until the music stops and there are no seats left. Forget J-Ho! Forget K-0-7! These boys are fresh-faced and ready to serve. Matt has already promised to slip some cricket metaphors into discussion of key economic reform. Is the doosra fair trade or free trade? Meanwhile, Nick is all over K-Rudd, who is all over J-Ho and P-Co’s promise racket:

“Mr Howard has already concluded his retirement plan and that’s why there is no plan for this country’s future,” he said today.

Indeed, Rudd mentioned this particular scenario six times in his 15-minute press conference

And, when you think about it, it’s a scare campaign that may actually have some traction.

Howard can say he’ll stick to his promises, as he almost certainly will in response. But because Howard’s retiring, how can voters rely on this promise to keep promises?

In the end, it’s just another promise really. And because Howard is retiring, he doesn’t need to keep this promise to keep promises either.

It’s a scare campaign with an endless spiral of scare.

Indeed, it may be the perfect scare campaign. Expect to hear a lot more about it in future.

All this energy, and good-looking too. Get out of town! The boys will be back in ol’ Melbourne town Friday night. So please, ladies, behave, or else… follow the trail.