But, of course, the result doesn’t matter.

At least not to the amateurs who hold the game in such esteem. In The Vincibles: A Suburban Cricket Odyssey, Gideon Haigh barely gets to talk about the on-field action, what with all the off-field organisation and procrastination that goes on. In a chapter dedicated to a recently deceased friend, Haigh remembers their differing tastes of reading material while waiting their turn to bat. I’m paraphrasing Haigh’s idea now, but he is right: at the amateur level, whether you’re a player or a would-be commentator, or psychoanalyst, cricket takes all types. I don’t know if reading Bertrand Russell is going to help when the burly opposition fast bowler hits the popping crease red-faced, a fag hanging out the side of his mouth, and digs one in short aiming for your head… but it will certainly give you something to think about in the interim.