The G-train is back:

After several phone conversations with Gehrig, 31, in Sweden, Lyon decided to give him another chance and selected him with pick 57.

Meanwhile, we have a new PM:

Before he enjoyed a meat pie and a VB, Matt wrote:

As Paul Keating once advised, if you change the government, the country changes. And, for all the talk of me-tooism throughout this campaign, so too will Australia change in the coming months and years. While economic conservatism and reform will remain the policy areas of greatest bipartisan agreement in modern Australian politics, Rudd’s Labor will inevitably be a more or less socially progressive party of the centre-left where Howard’s was a socially conservative party of the right. The similarities are superficial: the country will change. To what extent, however, only time will tell.

So much for my prediction that we wouldn’t know the result until Monday.