August 2008


Remarks of Senator Barack Obama, “The American Promise
Democratic National Convention, August 28, 2008
Denver, Colorado


Extraordinary Machine, Fiona Apple

It’s hard not
to jump out
instead of
waiting to be
found. It’s
hard to be
alone so long
and then hear
someone come
around. It’s
like some form
of skin’s developed
in the air
that, rather
than have torn,
you tear.

Hide and Seek, Kay Ryan

Matthew: That’s his fault.

10:47 PM me: True. Unpack.
Matthew: Best sentence ever: “If I stay on in Japan, I will go to Kyoto.”
10:48 PM It’s David Maney doing Kerouac, with all the ambiguity and certainty.
The first half (clause?) throws everything up in the air, but the second is determined and certain.
10:49 PM IF I do (a), I WILL do (b).
I just know I would have written something less furious:
IF I do (a), I will LIKELY do (b), or I MIGHT do (b).
That shift in force between the two is in my mind brilliant.
10:50 PM As I said, it’s very Keouac.
10:51 PM me: I was going to take him on the road, but his sprawling sentences don’t suit taking your eye of the page to take in the scene.
Ironic, that.
10:54 PM Matthew: I like your short, sharp and shinies more.