Matthew: That’s his fault.

10:47 PM me: True. Unpack.
Matthew: Best sentence ever: “If I stay on in Japan, I will go to Kyoto.”
10:48 PM It’s David Maney doing Kerouac, with all the ambiguity and certainty.
The first half (clause?) throws everything up in the air, but the second is determined and certain.
10:49 PM IF I do (a), I WILL do (b).
I just know I would have written something less furious:
IF I do (a), I will LIKELY do (b), or I MIGHT do (b).
That shift in force between the two is in my mind brilliant.
10:50 PM As I said, it’s very Keouac.
10:51 PM me: I was going to take him on the road, but his sprawling sentences don’t suit taking your eye of the page to take in the scene.
Ironic, that.
10:54 PM Matthew: I like your short, sharp and shinies more.