I have this averse reaction to Hollywood romances.. they’ve been very damaging to me growing up, I feel. And I had these expectations in the world of what my life was going to be like, and what my romantic life was going to be like… and as I got older and realised my life wasn’t like that it became kind of depressing and then, kind of, real life is more interesting and maybe I should try to explore that and not put more damaging stuff in the world. And so, I’m always sort of trying to think what is true, and if it’s not, I mean true to me, which is all I know, and then sort of, and try to reject the ideas which come from other movies, which is a very hard thing to do because you often don’t know that your ideas of a scene, or a relationship, come from movies, not from your real life; you have to sit down and go: wait a minute, why are these two people acting like this? It doesn’t have anything to do with what I understand. I try to sort of find those things, take them out, put in things that I understand.

Charlie Kaufman on Charlie Rose, Charlie Kaufman