After the interval

Two men shift a pile of rocks from one side of the stage to the other, over and over, again and again. An act so illogical, so tedious, so boring that you almost forget who made these men shift the rocks, and why they are made to do it; to break their humanity, to lose our attention. It’s a theatrical dare to see who will get bored first: the men, the actors, or the audience. It reminds us that dying in a concentration camp could be tedious, as well as horrific. A process of quotidian tasks that becomes more difficult, until, mentally or physically, you can’t do them can’t do them anymore. And however many ways the two men keep themselves strong, their captors try to weaken them, pit their own humanity against each other. What is remarkable is that each man chooses his own death, and until that moment there is still humour and pathos and lust and the suspense that comes from hope. And afterwards – still hope.

Focus Theatre & B Sharp
by Martin Sherman
Directed by Pete Nettell
Venue: Belvoir St Downstairs Theatre, 25 Belvoir St, Surry Hills
Dates: Thursday 18 February – Sunday 14 March, 2010