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Title: Basquiat
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13/01/2012  9:56am


We tend to view murders as solitary ruptures in the world around us, outrages that need to be attributed then punished. There is a motivation, a crime, an arrest, a trial, a verdict, and a punishment. Sometimes — though rarely — that punishment is death. The next day, there is another murder. The next day, there is another. There has been no punishment that breaks the pattern, that stops this custom of one murder following another.

My Brother, Gary Gilmore, Mikhal Gilmore

Someone who lies to be liked may develop the skilled mendacity of a method actor, but to see truly spectacular deceit one must find a grifter: someone who needs to be believed else he starves. Our best actors are in police stations, prisons, boardrooms: wherever livelihood depends on duplicity.

Mills Baker