6. Franny and Zooey, J.D. Salinger (p. 1961)

5. My Guru and His Disciple, Christopher Isherwood (p. 1980)

4. Christopher and his Kind, Christopher Isherwood (p. 1976)

3. Letters to a Young ContrarianChristopher Hitchens (p. 2001)

2. The Widow, Georges Simenon, translated by John Petrie (p. 1942)

1. Amulet, Roberto Bolaño , translated by Chris Andrews (first published 1999, translated 2006)

Short stories; plays; essays and criticism:

Natasha, Vladimir Nabakov

For Esmé — with Love and Squalor, J.D. Salinger

Slight Rebellion Off Madison, J.D. Salinger

The Death of Derek Jeter, Michael Martone

Roger Ebert; The Essential Man, Chris Jones

William Burns, Roberto Bolaño

A Perfect Day for Bananafish, J.D. Salinger

Monsters, Pasha Malla

Hamletmachine, Heiner Müller

The Arrival, Shaun Tan

Read in 2009

Read in 2008

Read in 2007


(Number of Books Read Last Year) x (Life Expectancy) =

(Number of Books One Expects to Read in this Life-time)


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